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Loose Leaf Tea

Loose Leaf Tea

This Gourmet Miniatures gift set contains a quintet of Newby Teas finest loose-leaf blends, each one serving as an introduction to the world of gourme..
Prime Darjeeling Gourmet Tea Caddy
Newby’s prize-winning Prime Darjeeling is cultivated in India for an open-air flavour with a floral twist. A black tea with the aroma of muscatel grap..
With smooth and minty flavours, this Sleep Tea from Art of Tea is a caffeine-free blend to aide in mellowing your senses and give you a great nights s..
Mindfully blending herbs and botanicals, including fennel, linden flower, cinnamon and more, this Feel Better Tea from Art of Tea is a signature blend..
This uplifting Happy Tea from Art of Tea is blended to give a fruity and light notes whilst the scent of jasmine carries this guayusa and green tea bl..
Handpicked from select gardens in Sri Lanka, this Organic Early Grey tea from Art of Tea is hand blended with oil of bergamot giving citrus and floral..
Yue Guang Bai White Loose Leaf Tea
White tea from Yunnan Province, China that has been withered under the light of the moon.Grown in Menghai, Yunnan, China, this white tea is processed ..
Newby’s Majestic Himalaya is a mountain-grown gourmet tea with a bright hint of wild grass, muscatel and subtle blooms. A luxury loose leaf blend, thi..
Tali's Masala Chai Tea from Art of Tea is a fusion of organic Assam tea with cardamom, cinnamon, ginger and more. This Masala Chai Tea gives rounded, ..
From northern Taiwan, Four Seasons Spring is known in its homeland as Si Ji Chun, and grows in the temperate climate of the Mu Zha mountains. Notably ..
This all day tea from T2 is made from the finest, long twisted leaves from Sri Lankan estates that produce a medium-bodied, bright copper infusion.T2 ..
This traditional tea from T2 is the finest Sri Lankan broken-leaf tea producing a coppery liquor with an assertive aroma.T2 started in 1996 in Melbour..
Da Hong Pao Oolong Loose Leaf Tea
A heavily oxidised, dark oolong tea from the Wuyi Mountains in Fujian Province, China.Da Hone Pao, otherwise known as 'Big Red Robe' is produced using..
Utilising the finest black tea from Sri Lanka, this English Breakfast Tea from Art of Tea is a perfect start to your day and brews a smooth, malty and..
Cleanse tea from Art of Tea is a gentle yet effective way of regulating your body's natural cleansing process.Containing purifying herbs, citrus, berr..
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