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Fruit & Herbal Teas

Cute, (none) fluffy bunny alert as Tea Heritage bring you these hoppingly-gorgeous handmade Rabbit shaped tea bags and you can save over 20% ..
With smooth and minty flavours, this Sleep Tea from Art of Tea is a caffeine-free blend to aide in mellowing your senses and give you a great nights s..
Mindfully blending herbs and botanicals, including fennel, linden flower, cinnamon and more, this Feel Better Tea from Art of Tea is a signature blend..
This uplifting Happy Tea from Art of Tea is blended to give a fruity and light notes whilst the scent of jasmine carries this guayusa and green tea bl..
This "Fruity Tea" bundle features a set of the Packs A Peach tea bags and Pumping Pomegranate. All of this purchased individually would cost £7 but a..
This "Travel The World" bundle features a set of the English Breakfast tea bags before we race around the world to sample the Melbourne Breakfast tea ..
The Green Tea Assortment honours the craft and culture of fine tea by bringing together six fine blends in individually wrapped tea bags to share and ..
Cleanse tea from Art of Tea is a gentle yet effective way of regulating your body's natural cleansing process.Containing purifying herbs, citrus, berr..
This Lemongrass Lime & Root Ginger tea from Prince & Sons is a caffeine-free, lively, fragrant and fiery blend, mixing soft citrus notes with ..
This Mint Tea from Prince & Sons is both soothing and refreshing, one half cooling peppermint, the other sweet spearmint, it is perfectly balanced..
This fruity tisane from T2 is a blend of Apple, Hibiscus, Pomegranate Petals and more to produce a sweet and tangy flavour to take you on a journey to..
This fruity tea from T2 is perfect when you must have peach. A blend of peach, papaya, apple and roasted chicory you can also serve this over ice.Made..
Chamomile Silken Pyramid Tea Bags
Well-loved for its calming scent and flavour, Chamomile has a long history of adoration. Considered the elixir of youth in Ancient Egypt and now a go-..
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