Ask a hundred people that question and you will get a hundred different answers..

Tea is a hugely personal thing, whether it’s a preference for a strong English breakfast to start your day, an afternoon cup of elegant Earl Grey or anything in between… the perfect brew is difficult, if not impossible to define.

Even when you break it down to a specific tea type, let’s take the old favourite English Breakfast... how you choose to drink it is very much a personal choice… loose leaf, tea bag, teapot, china cup or a strong mug… add milk, or lemon, or neither… strong and bold, or meek and mild? The list is endless, and that’s before you start considering the bigger choices…. your green teas, chais and fruit and herbals....making it one of the most versatile products on the planet.

And at Tessingtons, we believe it is exactly that which makes tea so special, and with so much choice, never has there been a better time to be a tea lover.

You might have your firm favourite that you couldn’t be parted from, but you don’t let that stop you exploring something a little different or a little left field, something out of character might just be a hidden gem that surprises you.

With so much choice it can be hard to know where to start… why not try something a bit seasonal?…perhaps the warmth of cinnamon for the cold wintery evenings, a spiced pumpkin chai to compliment the colourful autumnal months, a fresh mint to welcome in the newness of Spring, or a bit of citrus to add some zing to summer.

Whatever your mood, whatever the weather, however your day is going, we believe there is a tea for that… have fun exploring and finding your perfect tea with Tessingtons.